The American EP

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released March 19, 2006

written and performed by Roni Brunn, except American Girl - guitar by Dan Brunn
Engineered by Luke Top



all rights reserved
Track Name: Mean to Stay
old on my side / same brace since always / now i just / want, want to know / what, what it’s like / old on my side
there are reasons / or explanations / forces i don’t get / but i’m patient / grabbed you now you have gone away
all those facts / or the postulations / you claim mean a lot / make no sense to me / make no sense to me / make no sense at all
i don’t mean to stay / i don’t want to say / please be near me / oh, be with me / shouldn’t have to say / i don’t mean to stay
come back to me / bring what you used to / before i was done / done with us / you left with your doubts / come back to me
maybe / we could / maybe we could have been / maybe / that wouldn\'t be / wouldn’t be enough for me
Track Name: Don't Say Sorry
sounds like abba / without the cred / no one makes true punk rock / before they got signed / those were sellouts / bullshit worse than drum machines
well, i’ll tell you / you’ve got it rough / you know real music don\'t you / loved that new band / when it came out / before the hipsters at work
don’t say sorry / when you\'re done / the beat goes on / the beat it goes on / can’t ignore it / that’s the one
know the genius / by his tracks / red spots under his sleeves / have to down one / smoke or line up / better get that sex to go
where’s your ammo / coz you’ve lost / i’ve seen you tapping your feet / guilty pleasure / so bad that it’s good / be the first to mean it
not what you have used to do / just sink back, remember / can’t stop your mind / from craving some / from wanting more / you need it
Track Name: American Girl
check the time on big ben / now he’s got my smile / rain taps on his hat / as we cross st. paul’s / it\'s cool, but i’m soaked
my wish at the trevi / vespa to our room / corriere said it best / but he’ll ask again / who could make that goal
yeah i am / an american girl / so tell me where you come from / round the world with you / your heart is what i wanted
waiting at hachiko / shibuya’s racing by / ride the train at dawn / to harajuko / turn my manga page
what you are i want / back home or out / window or aisle / it\'s my touch you’ll find / what you are i want / drop out / let’s go / push far / let’s go / you\'re up / let’s go / grab it / let’s go / run down / let’s go / pass them / let’s go / come on
Track Name: Didn't Happen
i was happy / leave what’s wrong aside / gate the rest / lock my own yard
call me lucky / don’t quite get my lot / what i have / can’t touch silence
much too much to thank for / i am really pleased / what else could i ask for / more of this
then, it never happened / so i am not upset / then, it didn’t happen / did, did it
pick a skirt out / same grey one again / sick of dreams / and my parking
put me down for another round of this / put me down for going farther / i’ve been down longer than i really knew / i’ve been down alone
Track Name: After That
wasn’t my truth to tell / got more things to say / you came without the will / to read between the lies
after that, kiss me / what we had should be / swinging like tall trees / me just in / your shade
right when i couldn\'t tell / what\'s wrong when we’re that way / you smile with lips i need / to give my mind a rest
after that, sorry / what we had, maybe / swinging like tall trees / me just in your shade
i don\'t want a thing / you forget / maybe i should go / run
not that there’s much to tell / nothing more to say / you’re here and i’m confused / whose lies are in the way